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Men’s fashion

Miss Verity, not being young or male, doesn’t often pay much attention to what young males are wearing. In truth, Miss Verity often tries deliberately not to notice what the young are wearing. She remembers one unfortunate period, years ago now, when she allowed her attention to be caught by youthful fashion, only to discover that the poor misguided darlings were wearing extremely low-rise jeans with their underwear pulled up for display above the denim. Her eyes, and her nerves, have not yet entirely recovered.

Nevertheless, occasionally her eyes are caught, and so it is that lately she’s noticed something absolutely delightful: young men are wearing hats.

Miss Verity applauds this development wholeheartedly. They look dashing and gentlemanly. Mind you, some young men never stopped wearing them–she knows certain young males in Western Canada (she is almost positive this holds true in the Western USA as well, but correct her if she’s wrong) still wear cowboy hats, thereby managing to look both rakish and steadfastly masculine.  She sniffs indignantly and mutters “piffle!” when anybody she knows attempts to deride this look using words like “hick;” in Miss Verity’s experience, young people from the country are every bit as intelligent and complex as their city counterparts, and often rather more accomplished. It’s unsurprising, really, that rural males should have had sense enough to know they looked better hatted than not. She is quite pleased to see the city versions have caught on to this as well.


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