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Miss Verity appreciates that maintainers of communities, even mere virtual chatteries, wish people to be talkative and to contribute–except, of course, for those sites which wish people to ‘lurk moar’ and to learn the rules and social norms at the site before leaping in.

She does not quite think that this gentleman’s method is entirely efficacious, however–it is, alas, hard to work up much enthusiasm for resubscribing to a service when one knows it is counting one’s silent days against one, having decided in advance to throw you out not for misbehaviour but for reticence.  Not, she concludes, her type of lounge at all.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Your account at the Smoking Lounge message board has been deleted.

This has been done either because the unusual spelling or your
username of choice and/or email address has led us to suspect your
account is used as spambot, or because of a complete lack of posting
activity for more than six months.  Are you in fact no spambot, and/or
do you wish to be an active member of the Smoking Lounge, we do beg
your pardon for the removal of your account and compel you to
re-register with us.  However, we ask your understanding in this
matter, for our forums have recently fallen victim to high quantities
of spam, plus a great number of accounts with zero post count takes up
unnecessary space of our database.  I wish to urge that you are most
welcome at the Smoking Lounge, if you are indeed a real person, and
hope that, in that case, you might consider joining us again!

Yours sincerely,

Ottens (Administrator)

Dear Sir or Madam,
Thank you for your kind offer that I spend my time signing up again for a message board which I had not yet had time to actually use. I am sure you can understand why I do not wish to do so–when I do have free time, I prefer to use it at boards that welcome and appreciate people who take their time about joining in conversations with strangers, and not at a website which rather petulantly scolds one for silence and then deletes one’s account.

Perhaps one of the dear gentlefolk who have been similarly unsubscribed might know of such a place? In a spirit of hopefulness I have included them in my reply, and I eagerly await their suggestions.
~Miss Verity


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