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Summer is here

And to that end, Miss Verity has been grocery shopping. She has red wine (two of her favourite labels: Goats Do Roam and Fat Bastard); she has cold beer; she has Jagermeister, for after evening meals, and Underberg, for when the Jag just doesn’t taste bitter enough; she has salad ingredients, and strawberries, and cereal.

She also has bags of organic black earth and cedar chips, and will be spending the afternoon weeding. Somehow, the more dire the news regarding global warming, oil prices, and food shortages, the more time Miss Verity finds herself spending in the garden. It’s very calming. For one thing, there’s no television out there.

She sees she’s not the only one to have made this particular leap, either, and urges you to check out Revive the Victory Garden. It may not actually inspire you to start gardening, but it’s soothing reading nonetheless.

Miss Verity also recently discovered a podcast she rather liked, called An Old-Fashioned Girl (named after a book she also rather likes); said podcast is now, alas, defunct, and their wordpress page appears to be as well. It wasn’t exactly what Miss Verity wanted–slightly too clothes-oriented, for one thing–but it was sweetly feminine and pleasant to listen to, and she’s sorry it ended. Miss Verity frequently has this experience, of discovering things that slightly interest or suit her only to find that they’ve vanished into the aether.


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