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Miss Verity has had a thought which she is finding difficult to articulate, but which can be summed up as: people seek out companionship–in whatever form–that helps them shape the world they want to live in, and that reinforces their own values.

Which can, obviously, be a negative or merely stupid thing (as with confirmation bias), but which can also make life just that mush easier to live. It’s comforting, and pleasant, to sometimes have like-minded people to turn to.

And so religious people seek out others of their faith, not just for worship but to share recreational time and inspiring books and items.

Or, to take a destructive example, people stricken with eating disorders sometimes try to find fellow-sufferers, and too much of that reinforcement and you end up with those ghastly pro-ana sites.

And this, it suddenly occurred to Miss Verity this morning, is why she craves websites that share a sense of gentle modesty, of quiet femininity, and of a slightly old-fashioned bent–but not ones that, in the pursuit of those values, are strident or angry or overbearing. It is because, of course, she wants to be able to do the same thing online that she prefers to do offline: surround herself, at least sometimes, with those who have similar values.


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