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Miss Verity continues to amuse herself by wistfully browsing propaganda posters–would that she had any artistic talent! If she did, she’d whip up a few in praise of her own pet causes.

posterwwibrarmyisnotallwork.jpgBut since she has not, she can only admire the artistry of others. This one, for instance: without coming out and actually saying so, it manages to hint that amongst the pleasures of Service Life one will learn a standard of grooming (and possibly make-up) that will put most actual women in the shade. Oh, yes, and there will be sports–or gorgeous sporting outfits, anyway, which is the main thing.


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Miss Verity has never been particularly interested in babies–she’s got nothing against them, and thinks they’re pretty to look at; she just prefers the company of older children and adults–and therefore has only a passing familiarity with the care and feeding of the little dears.

Nevertheless, she does know one ought not to feed them arsenic. Food adulteration being one of the ghastlier aspects of Victorian life, she’d prefer not to see it revived. There are undoubtedly many people to whom one feels tempted to administer arsenic, but babies ought never to be among them.

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War Posters

pp_can_24.jpgMiss Verity has always liked war posters; there’s something touching about their straightforward patriotism. All the animals get trotted out: war-bond funded beavers for Canada, a startled-looking kangaroo for Australia. pp_aus_10.jpg

And there’s that sense that ordinary decisions–conserving coal, preserving food, using less and investing more–can be important. Governments no longer seem terribly chuffed about that sort of thing, do they? ‘Use Less Oil’ or ‘Start a Victory Garden’ just isn’t their thing anymore. Pity.pp_uk_16.jpg

Mind you, by WWII the women on those posters had apparently lost some of their earlier calm, cheerful demeanor. The poor girl in this last poster looks as though something’s gone dreadfully wrong with the canning, possibly over-fermentation or argot contamination.


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Miss Verity found herself at a loss this morning as to what phrase would be equivalent to ‘girly girl,’ but with reference to adult ladies rather than children. She’d thought perhaps ‘traditional femininity’ might prove helpful in locating the sorts of blogs and websites she wanted.

Alas: she’d miscalculated. Three of the first four results wish to alarm her about the dire psychological consequences of being both feminine and traditional, and the fourth wants to laud a dramatized critique of ‘housewives.’

Googling "Traditional Femininity" yields interesting results.

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