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Miss Verity, having apparently awoken in the throes of a delusion that her blood pressure isn’t high enough, is amusing herself by making a list of words and phrases she loathes:

  • Infotainment. Miss Verity likes to be entertained, but she begs to be spared details of the personal lives of actors and singers, though given the choice between that and having to listen to their “political opinions” she’d…well, actually, she’d throw herself out a high window.
  • Differing voices, as used in practically any context other than when describing a choir or an audition.
  • Love him or hate him, or any variant thereof. Miss Verity is, she regrets to inform you, most often merely indifferent.

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Arguments, civilized

Every night for almost a week the sky in Danish city-centres has been lit up by burning cars and bonfires started in the middle of the high streets. The fire starters are frustrated young Muslim men who claim that their action is sparked by the re-publication of one of the prophet cartoons

This should go without saying, but there is no level of “frustration,” and particularly not “frustration” in response to artwork or the written word, that could ever excuse such a complete loss of self-control.

Miss Verity admires the author’s ability to bend that far backwards, but his contortionist skills look slightly cheap next to the serious objections raised in the comments. Her particular favourites are here and here. Oh, and this one. She particularly notes that those commenting are able to disagree with the ever-so-understanding Mr. Illeborg without setting fire to anything.

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